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The German Plastics Center (SKZ) visiting MKV

Das SKZ zu Besuch Bei der MKV

SKZ visit at MKV Kunststoffgranulate

On August 2nd employees of the German Plastics Center (SKZ – in Würzburg, were guests at MKV.

Team-lead for Material Development and Testing, PhD-Ing. Michael Bosse, Antonia Ivanda, responsible for Sustainability and Circular Economy and Cosima Güttler from the field of Spectroscopy were able to get a first hand impression of the recycling activities at MKV.

A tour of the company premises with two of the managing directors, Dipl. Ing. Rainer Zies and Kai Zies, and Charlotte Müller from Sales provided a good opportunity to display the effort required for the production of a quality recyclate.

Quality assurance is a very important factor and became particularly apparent during a visit to MKV’s own laboratory. The exclusion of contamination via differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) analysis or the determination of the mechanical properties of a material are firmly embedded in the MKV recycling process.

The visit was also used to exchange views on and discuss topics such as recycling quotas, non-existing material streams, chemical recycling, circular economy and if post-industrial recycling should be considered as recycling and acknowledged as such. From the perspective of MKV and also referencing the circular economy act, §3 7b (read here) it is without a doubt recycling.

The visit has created new insights on both sides and fostered a better understanding of each other’s activities.

MKV says thank you for the pleasant visit!

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