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Charlotte Müller


Markus Lutz

CO2 & Sustainability

The topic of sustainability is becoming more and more important. Everyone wants to act sustainably and save CO2.

Do you know that using recyclates saves approx. 6 kg of CO2 per kg of recycled material used? With 1,000 kg of recyclate used, 6,000 kg of CO2 are saved!

These are numbers that very few are aware of.

Everybody who works with plastics knows that using recyclates can quickly save significant amounts of CO2.

The crux of it is, very few do it.

Why, are you wondering? It is very simple: nobody really deals with it. Recycled materials are not intended for use for security applications but what about clips, nuts, plugs, covers, switches, housing parts? The list can go on! Let´s be honest, do such applications need prime material?

Of course, the argument that a premium brands only want to use the best materials and not inferior materials is entirely understandable.

Unfortunately, the term recyclate is often associated with a reduced quality. We took a closer look and found that our recyclates are very close to new goods in terms of mechanical properties. Recyclates are not prime materials but they can substitute in many applications and we think the time is right now to take this path.

We had the CO2 savings calculated for our main products:

Sustainability concerns everyone: make your products sustainable!