Mission statement

For over 60 years we have been working for your business and the environment!

MKV Kunststoffgranulate is a family-owned company specialised in the mechanical recycling of plastics. Founded in 1960 as a family business and still in family hands, since day one we have promoted the establishment and development of the circular economy.

We focus on the recycling of all kinds of engineering plastics. Due to their special characteristics and longevity, engineered plastics are an important part of everyday products such as machines or cars. Their full potential however only comes to light when we keep these resources in the loop and feed them back into manufacturing processes.

We endeavour to make maximum use of engineering plastics so that resources are used effectively and the environmental impact is minimised.

In our location near Limburg, we pursue the goal of CO2-neutrality. Since 2021 we have generated our own green electricity via a photovoltaic system. We also continuously strive to optimise our energy efficiency, measuring and monitoring it regularly to allow better control. Technically more advanced machinery or a switch to LED-lights within the entire company are examples of better energy efficiency, thus supporting sustainability.

3 good reasons to work with us

We are convinced that quality recyclates are the key for a greener future. Reduced CO2-footprint, high quality and lower costs for resources are compatible and a win for your company and the planet. Every single one of our employees works towards that goal.

For a greener future!

The life cycle assessment of our recyclates make a valuable contribution towards a greener future.

Did you know that by using recyclates you can save up to 6kg of CO2 per kilogram of material?

We will gladly advise you on how to make your products more sustainable.

Quality verified

MKV leaves nothing to chance!

We continuously improve our products to offer our customers a product quality close to virgin material.

Read more about our quality controls here.

„Recycling makes cents!“

According to a calculation by the World Economic Forums a global transition to a Circular Economy can generate savings of over 1 trillion USDollar per annum (Source). We help you identify cost savings by making use of your own resources, e.g. sprues or scrap parts.

Discover our recyclates, compounds and services.

Video impressions

MKV – We are presenting our company
MKV – analyzed recyclates per Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

Historical MKV milestones


Founding year in Eschborn/Taunus

1960: Founding year in Eschborn/Taunus

Acquisition of the facilities in Kelkheim/Taunus

1965: Acquisition of the facilities in Kelkheim/Taunus

Extension and doubling of production capacity

1988: Extension and doubling of production capacity

Acquisition of the plant in Beselich


DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 certification

1999: DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 certification

Area extension in Kelkheim

2001: Area extension in Kelkheim

Extension of the storage space at the Beselich plant by 3.500 sqm,
Purchase of a new laboratory extruder for the incoming goods inspections in Kelkheim

Extension of the storage space at the Beselich plant

Purchase of a new pre-mixing station

Purchase of a new pre-mixing station

Extension of the production capacity in Kelkheim


Relocation of the Headquarter Kelkheim to Beselich

Aerial photo of the MKV plant in Beselich-Obertiefenbach/Germany

Investments in the future – expansion of our machinery for quality improvement and environmental protection by reducing CO2,
Investments funded by the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE)


Commissioning of the new photovoltaic system

2019: Photovoltaic system on the roofs of the MKV plant