Recycling, green materials, sustainability and effective use of resources are ubiquitous terms in the daily life of plastics manufacturers and their customers.

As a compounding and recycling company MKV GmbH Kunststoffgranulate offers

Everything From One Supplier

Alles aus einer Hand


Compliance with all
legal requirements

Many years of experience with the recycling of post-industrial waste and the production of our Zia compounds make MKV a reliable business partner of the injection moulding industry, assisting you in meeting all statutory quotas and regulations.

Reduction of
raw material costs

High quality compounds on a regrind basis as well as the reintroduction of customer’s scrap material serve the purpose of meeting recycling standards and reducing material costs.

Reduction of
disposal costs

There is no need for an expensive disposal of your injection moulding scrap. MKV acquires homogeneous materials on a regular basis and thus reduces your disposal costs.

Our product and service quality assures your success in all sectors.

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