MKV offers you a fully comprehensive “care-free” service package. Whether it concerns the disposal, grinding, dust extraction, metal separation, compounding, regranulating or laboratory analysis of plastics, MKV is your reliable partner in the plastics industry.

The benefits are obvious!

Make use of our expertise and technology. Not only can you generate revenue with the disposal of injection moulding scrap but you can also make more effective use of your resources by feeding back scrap parts and sprues into the production process.

Services -Sorting

A fully comprehensive care-free service package – that's what MKV is offering with its services:


Services - Disposal

MKV offers you the opportunity to dispose of all your injection moulding scrap and compensate you for it.

The thermal disposal of all kinds of injection moulding scrap is a cost factor that is not to be underestimated by any company in the plastics industry. Substantial sums can accrue because of this during the course of a year. Thus, how about increasing your credit instead of debit column?

Precondition for this is the homogeneous separation by type of material. The better the separation the higher the compensation.

In close cooperation with you we develop entire disposal concepts which are individually tailored towards your production process.

The supply of collecting containers in the form of pallet cages and oktabin as well as the entire logistics is handled by MKV.

Let us effectively use the resources together!


Services - Grinding

MKV sets the preconditions for the reuse of homogeneous scrap plastic.

Eight grinding machines and two shredders granulate 1,000 tons of plastic annually. All our machinery is equipped with metal detectors and metal separators to avoid metal contamination prior to the granulating process.

Metal is a hindrance to further processing as later on already smallest metal inclusions in the granulate can have a disruptive effect on the injection moulding process.

In the subsequent dusting process smallest dust particles that form during the grinding of the material are removed to guarantee a smooth processing on the injection moulding machine.

Oktabin, Big Bag, Pallet Cage


Services - Dusting

A disproportionate dust content in the granulate, particularly for high filled products, can lead to disruptions in the processing of the material. This can not only have a negative effect on the dosage of the product but also change the product’s characteristics.

MKV has the capability to make your production process more reliable / secure and efficient through the use of a dust removal procedure.

Nothing is more of a nuisance than having a production process susceptible to disruptions.

Please contact us, we will secure your quality!

Oktabin, Big Bag, Pallet Cage

Metal separation

Metal contaminated regrind material or new material? This poses a problem for many manufacturers.

MKV offers the service to remove metal from lightly contaminated materials and to make them fit for use again.

Particularly in the area of hot runner processing metal is a disruptive factor. Numerous customers use our service to be on the safe side.

The metal separator consists of various magnets and cutters which are arranged according to a particular system to guarantee high efficacy.

Your tools will be grateful!

Oktabin, Big Bag, Pallet Cage


Services - Regranulating

You have regrind (material) and would like to feed it back into your production to reduce costs?

You have various unmixed regrinds and would like to use these as a defined product again?

You would like to use your homogeneous regrind as granulate again?

MKV has the answers and solutions to all these questions.

Take advantage of the expertise and machinery available at MKV.

Due to our broadly diversified machinery we can process everything ranging from standard products to high temperature materials. If required additives and colours can be dosed.

All materials are homogeneously mixed prior to the extrusion process to guarantee the homogeneity of the batch.

Oktabin, Big Bag, Pallet Cage

Make use of our services!


Services -Compounding

Many applications require a specific material. You have developed recipes or require special equipment?

We let them become reality for you and create in close collaboration with your R&D department a material that perfectly suits your needs.

You supply the material, special additives and colour and we do the rest.

Many customers seize the opportunity to further develop their materials and use the facilities of the MKV for this.

Try us!

Laboratory analyses

Services -Laboratory Analyses

The demands from products and materials are ever increasing. A well equipped laboratory is a necessity to ensure the product characteristics of raw materials. Not all customers have the capability to conduct raw material testing and analyses.

For this reason MKV offers you the possibility to use our tools and machinery to guarantee that you get the quality you deserve.

In our laboratory we are able to conduct rheological, mechanical and thermal analyses. However, we also offer more specific test in collaboration with a renowned business partner.

Secure your quality!