Think Tank of the CoC Frankfurt

Think Tank of the CoC Frankfurt

Publication by the Think Tanks Sustainable Production of the CoC Frankfurt

“Nachhaltige Produktion FrankfurtRheinMain“ (engl.: Sustainable Production) is a Think Tank of the chamber of commerce Frankfurt Rhein-Main, that views itself as a platform for the discussion of future topics concerning the development of the metropolitan area. It places a particular focus on the overall business conditions and parameters for companies to re-think and -create their business models in order to offer sustainable products and services.

The manufacturing industry is at the heart of the economic growth of the metropolitan area, with a highly innovative character. Dipl. Ing. Rainer Zies is not only managing director of MKV GmbH Kunststoffgranulate, but also for many years a member of the CoC Frankfurt as well as the German Chamber of Commerce. Thus, it was only for natural for him to be part of the publication “Sustainable Production: Stimuli for FrankfurtRheinMain”.

Under Section 3 “circular production and recycling” on page 34 MKV can be found with a stimulus to the possibilities of how to keep valuable resources in the loop. The use of recyclates aka secondary raw materials contributes to sustainability by saving CO2. Reuse through recycling rather than disposal.

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