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Press release

New partnership for MKV

Beselich, June 1st, 2023 – Toray Resins Europe GmbH (“Toray”), a sales and marketing subsidiary for resin products in Europe of Toray Industries, Inc. (HQ in Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Japan) and MKV GmbH Kunststoffgranulate (“MKV”), a leader in the mechanical recycling of engineering plastics and manufacturer of premium compounds, have entered a partnership to produce a glass fiber reinforced Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) product line with recycling content.

Toray now offers its current and future customers "Ecouse" TORELINA™, a PPS GF40 with 50 % recycling material content from industrial plastic waste.

In alignment with Toray’s Group Sustainability Vision, the "Ecouse" TORELINA™ contributes to the management of resources in a more sustainable manner. In addition, the desires of customers to lower the carbon footprint (CFP) of products while maintaining high material performance will be met.

The new partnership builds on a deep expertise and understanding of both companies regarding resin production, compounding and recycling.

To demonstrate the CFP reduction of about 45 % compared to 100 % virgin PPS GF40%, Toray obtained a calculation from the German institute SKZ (SKZ- Das Kunststoff-Zentrum) for the new "Ecouse" TORELINA™ product line, based on the ISO 14067 standard.


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Toray press release

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