Cooperation between the German Plastics Center (SKZ) and MKV

The MKV experience at SKZ – Material for the technical centres

The German Plastics Center (SKZ) and MKV cooperate.

MKV already contributes its knowledge and material samples to a number of SKZ research projects. From now on MKV also provides material – Zialan RS (ABS) und Ziathene (PP) – for injection moulding training courses.

MKV is delighted, that its products are being used for the training and education of future specialists in the field of plastics. If you want to learn more about possible mistakes during the injection moulding process or want to be trained as a certified machine setter or setup engineer, then you will come into contact with our materials. In addition to the course content participants may convince themselves, that recyclates can be a quality product.

As part of the cooperation the MKV banner will now be visible at three locations: in the technical centre in Würzburg, the training centres in Peine and Horb by the Neckar.

MKV is very happy about the cooperation with the SKZ!

You can find the SKZ LinkedIn post here.

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