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Recycling and climate protection

Sustainability is becoming ever more important and the reduction of carbon dioxide has become for many an integral part of company goals. In addition, the Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA), launched by the European Commission, has set a target of 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics for new products by 2025. The CPA covers all parts of the value chain, from the raw material producer to the recycler.

As an advocate for the circular economy and as a pioneer of plastic recycling in Germany we welcome the target set by the CPA.

An important step towards the establishment of the circular economy considering all available processes and technologies, like chemical and mechanical recycling.

Plastics are key materials for the reduction of greenhouse gases. In comparison to other materials such as glass or paper, as life cycle assessments (LCA) show, the results for plastics are significantly better. Recycling of plastics and the sourcing of secondary raw materials improves this even further.

Did you know that recyclates save CO2 in comparison to virgin material?

Recycling forms part of the careful handling of resources. This way material is used in a sustainable and efficient manner, which directly supports the 12th Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) of the United Nations - “Responsible consumption and production”

We, the MKV, contribute to more climate protection by mechanically recycling post-industrial plastic waste and by-products, from which we produce high quality recyclates and compounds.

Deliberate use of the circular economy improves the environmental footprint and allows for an increase in earnings. No matter which industry: in many applications can virgin material be substituted by recyclates.

We have been around for over 60 years and have the relevant background and expertise to competently advise along your journey towards more sustainability and cost reductions.

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