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The demand for recyclates is continuously rising. The traditional, linear economic model, which is based on a take, make, use, dispose pattern, has become obsolete. We are moving towards a circular economy where growth is decoupled from resource consumption.

In a linear economy materials and resources are used productively again and again.

Recycling material, secondary raw material, recyclates – whatever the name is, they all have value creation and raw material security of supply as a common denominator.

We, the MKV, are an essential part of the circular economy.

We are a leader in mechanical recycling of engineering plastics, transforming waste into resources.

Plastic has been our business since 1960 and throughout the decades we have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable partner for OEMs and supplier of all tiers.

With our quality pledge we aim to foster the use of recycled plastics for more circular value creation.

Our products are household names within the automotive sector, E&E, as well as furniture industry. We know exactly what is required and expected from a compound to be used for various applications and that it can be processed on 1K- or 2K-injection moulding machines.

Plastic recycling means that we collect, sort, shred / grind and melt plastic waste and byproducts to transform them into secondary raw materials, i.e. we manufacture high quality recyclates and compounds from it.

For all plastic waste streams, which cannot be recycled mechanically, further procedures are available such as chemical recycling.

Business associations like Plastics Europe or companies like BASF SE make clear that mechanical and chemical recycling are complementary. For a circular economy to become reality both types of recycling are needed for the treatment of plastic waste. Generally, mechanical recycling is preferrable over chemical recycling due to lower ecological and economic impact.

The product portfolio of MKV includes all engineering plastics, such as PBT, ABS, PA6, PA6.6, POM, PC, PESU, PSU, PEEK and many more. Discover our unique offer of ZIA-compounds on a 100 % recyclate basis and let yourself be convinced by their quality.

Why not make your material cycle more sustainable? All our products are made in Germany.

If you want to find out more about us and what we do you can visit our homepage where we offer a range of information regarding plastic, recycling, recyclates and the circular economy. Or you can also read up on us in the following articles in the press:

Alternatively you can meet us in person at the trade fairs Fakuma, Kuteno oder K an.